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  1. Passing Shadows

    Passing Shadows (sequel to Breaking Faith)

    Passing Shadows by M. King
    ISBN: 978-1-61372-770-6 (ebook) 978-1-61372-769-0 (paperback)
    Published by Dreamspinner Press

    After serving six years for murdering his abusive father, Tommy Hawks is released from prison. He moves back in with what’s left of his family and tries to negotiate a new life with them and his partner, Brett, who has stood by him through everything. But moving on isn’t so easy.

  2. Filth


    Filth by M. King
    ISBN: 978-1-62798-220-7 (ebook) 978-1-62798-220-7 (paperback)
    Length: ~75,000 words / 210 pages
    Published by: Dreamspinner Press

    Does gender really matter? Kel and Toni are two damaged people, both trying to find answers. For all their attempts to build a life together, they know their survival is precarious. What neither of them realize is just how easily their harsh, isolated little world can be turned upside down and, when chance events push them into unknown territory, both must confront some difficult truths.

  3. Breaking Faith

    Breaking Faith

    Breaking Faith by M. King
    ISBN: 978-1-61372-120-9 (ebook) 978-1-61372-119-3 (paperback)
    Length: Novel / 250 pages
    Published by: Dreamspinner Press

    Brett thinks he has life all planned out… but he never counted on falling for someone like Tommy. Over the course of one northern Montana summer, an intense romance blooms between the two young men, but Tommy has a painful secret—one that even first love can’t mitigate.