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  1. Foam Roller Boys

    Foam Roller Boys

    Foam Roller Boys by M. King
    ISBN: 978-1-60054-694-5 (ebook)
    Length: 12,730 words / 68 .pdf pages
    Published by: Lydian Press

    Brendan is adamant that there’s never been anything between him and his friend—no matter what the rest of the student body seems to think—but when Isaac drags him to a foam party, Brendan is left wondering just what’s bubbling up between them.

  2. Filth


    Filth by M. King
    ISBN: 978-1-62798-220-7 (ebook) 978-1-62798-220-7 (paperback)
    Length: ~75,000 words / 210 pages
    Published by: Dreamspinner Press

    Does gender really matter? Kel and Toni are two damaged people, both trying to find answers. For all their attempts to build a life together, they know their survival is precarious. What neither of them realize is just how easily their harsh, isolated little world can be turned upside down and, when chance events push them into unknown territory, both must confront some difficult truths.

  3. Light and Water

    Light and Water

    Light and Water by M. King
    ISBN: 978-1-60820-255-3 (ebook) 978-1-60820-254-6 (paperback)
    Cover art: Winterheart Designs
    Length: novel / 352 pages / 107,000 words
    Published by: MLR Press

    After a bad break-up, Dan wants time to himself in Venice, Italy’s glittering jewel. He’s not looking for a holiday fling but, when he meets shy, closeted schoolteacher, Cesare, neither man can deny their passionate attraction. As lust deepens into something more, can their romance outlast the suntan?

  4. Safe House

    Safe House

    Safe House by M. King
    Length: short fiction / 14,000 words
    Published by: Lydian Press

    Simon Preston has fought all his life to be the biggest, best, and brightest…but, just for once, he wants someone else to take control.